Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Men and Boys

From Howdi Saudi
In case you can't see the writing on the paper, it says "I love Dr Peter".

So what are Saudi students like to teach? As you can see, they are very special.

I would love to show you some pictures of my girls, but they are shyer than shy - they cover themselves completely outside of home and school. But under their abayas they are normal girls.

From Howdi Saudi
So how's that for a class of boys? It was a cold-ish day, hence the jackets and jumpers.
And here are some of them in the classroom.

From Howdi Saudi
Yep. Normal young men.

And what's it like teaching in a college that is all shiny and new? Just to give you a hint of how sumptuous and spacious it all is ...

From Howdi Saudi
here is teacher Paul meeting with the Rector (principal) of the college, Dr Obaid, in his office.

Um, yes, his office is a little larger than mine! But I don't begrudge him that. He is a wise and gracious man and we all appreciate him greatly.

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عازف انغامsaaary said...

this is sary from riyadh,u r most welcome hear,how do u do in winter??u been to thmamah?