Thursday, October 9, 2008

Be careful what you wish for

In the Middle East, you don't expect to find toilet tissues provided - it is expected that you will use the squirty water thing like everyone else.

But, as a Pakistani (Muslim) teacher said to me - after that you need something to dry yourself! On behalf of my staff, I whinged and pleaded to the powers that be ... and finally they gave in.

When I walked in and saw this I had to laugh out loud.

Soft like toilet tissue, but big like kitchen towel. (Or is it just a very tiny toilet?)

Lovely ladies

These two delightful women hang around our offices all day, cleaning what has not yet had a chance to get dirty. They are very proud of the new uniforms the college has supplied. Here they are in my office affixing my new pin-up board to the wall - it is such a kerfuffle if you want to call a man into the women's side to do a job like this. They had quite a struggle with it at first, it seemed to be warped and wouldn't sit flat against the wall. And then we remembered:

that side of the office is not flat or straight! So they had to select a flat wall to stick the board to.

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