Friday, October 3, 2008

Do the Penguin March

Girls' Day Out

So now there are four female teachers who have arrived in Riyadh already, and only one man (Peter). In attempting to help us all settle in and feel welcome, a delightful local lady on staff at Dar Al Uloom offered to take us ladies out for a bit of a tour and a meal at a nice restaurant.

There are very few places in KSA where men and women can go to together. The zoo, for instance, has days for men and children, and days for women and children, but no days when you can go as a family.

But although Ramadan is finally over for this year, this is now the third day of the Eid holiday, and so

everything - including the National Museum here - was basically closed. These little boys were curious about what we are doing inside the foyer.

We had come in through the self-opening doors at the other side, the door on their side didn't seem to be operating. But they were kinda cute. And to them we just looked like a group of penguins wandering around.

In the end the four of us went to a Lebanese Restaurant and had a wonderful meal.

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