Sunday, October 12, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We finally moved out of the Boudl Hotel and into our new apartment. The whole block is taken up by the foreign teachers at Dar Al Uloom University.

Come visit with us in our new apartment!

From Howdi Saudi
Like so much of Riyadh, the whole area is a building site.

This is the building we live in - there is our college bus parked outside. Our apartment is on the second floor - you can see our three windows on the right hand side of the building near the back.

This is the view if you stand at the front door and look left.

And this is what you see if you look to the right.

This part of Riyadh is actually designated as a "bachelor quarter", so no family homes and not a place where us ladies can walk outside at all.

And obviously, lots of construction going on. Come on in, lets go upstairs ...

We will have to use the stairs because the tiny little lift "isn't quite ready" yet.

The apartments are lovely and spacious!
Here is our sitting room,

the dining room,

and the kitchen

This does for a laundry.

That is a washing machine tucked into the second bathroom, which comes with a squat toilet and shower.
And this bedroom is our office

and of course we have a great big bedroom, but I'm not showing you that.

Up on the Roof

There is no garden, or yard, of course, but we have a lovely big open area on the flat roof - we are looking forward to having barbecues and get-togethers as soon the weather gets cooler.

And there are the water tanks which get filled with water delivered by truck. (We haven't seen it happen yet.)

So we went up on the roof, and climbed up higher (up by the tanks) to take a look around.

That tall thing in the distance is the mosque minaret - that's what we wake up to at 4:30 am.

And on the extreme right you can just see the two minarets of the university mosque.

Oh, look down there! Our nearest neighbours have a garden ... well, grass.

If we look out south-ish,

we can just see the Kingdom Tower in the middle of the city (right in the middle, on the horizon).

Although it can sometimes be a little dusty and bleak, it has a certain charm.

From Howdi Saudi

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