Sunday, October 12, 2008

One day you're gonna get caught ...

D'you remember that old advert for Rio (?) undies?

Well, today I went to work undressed, by mistake ... I was distracted (and a wee bit tired) and I just plain forgot.

Distracted? Half way through my morning shower the water went off, while I was soapy. But at least I had a chance to get soapy, Peter totally missed out. We have since been told that we have a water tank on the roof (of our new apartments) and it has to be filled by a tanker. (Easy to take Mains water for granted!) Now we are hoping that they do it before we get home from work today. We had been vaguely wondering where our water comes from in this incredibly parched place ...

Well, after all that kerfuffle and hassle, we got ready and got on the work bus. I was sitting there chatting, everyone was discussing water and the like, and suddenly I looked down and realised aaaah! I forgot to put on my abaya! Here I am in every day clothes! I felt so naked!

It doesn't really matter, we don't wear them at work. But I had to scurry quickly off the bus and through the women's gate into the college!

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