Monday, October 20, 2008

Ticked off

We have heard of the "Mutawa'a" - the religious police who (among other things) make sure the women are all modest and safe.

And today I met my first one. Wish I could've taken a picture!

We were sitting on a bench in a shopping mall, waiting for our bus ride back to the apartment, and I noticed first of all a man in khaki uniform - police, I presume. Then I noticed the man next to him wearing unusual dress - over his thobe he had a black cape trimmed with gold.

He came over to us (W and I) and asked us to cover our heads. My colleague apologised, saying she did not have her scarf with her and would remember next time. I obediently reached into my bag for my scarf, but by the time I got it out he was gone, around the corner having a word to M - another one of our teachers.

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